Happy wine long colorful glass plank road officially opened on April 28!
Release Time:2019-08-01 15:08:10

       The most important thing is the three days from April 25th to 27th. The glass road is going to the trial camp. Xiaobian went to experience it. Next, let’s take a look.

       This is a combination plank road, transparent glass plank road + colorful glass plank road + wine culture cliff corridor, a variety of gameplay, all-round to make you happy.

       The data tells you that there are many cattle on the glass plank road. The length of the plank road is 1573 meters. The vertical height from the ground is 157.3 meters. The glass section of the plank road is 157.3 meters long. The small partner who can finish smoothly is a man.

       1573 meters on the cliff path, built a cliff path along the cliff, and this plank road is super long, twists and turns, such as snakes in the mountains, standing here, as if reaching out to the sea of clouds.

       1573 meters glass plank road: The length of the glass plank road is 1573 meters, and it is completely transparent on the cliffs. This is because you are not afraid enough.

       "Flower Sea Xuanyue" Observatory: Going backwards, the suspended glass gazebo, the low head is the cliff, and the foot is the vertical mountain.

       The wine culture cliff corridor: choose to be on the edge of the cliff, not only to see the murals, but also to enjoy the endless flower sea.

       The glass plank road in the concrete frame structure, the double-layer laminated glass and the stainless steel dragon skeleton are tightly combined, and the pressure of 1 ton / square meter is no problem.

       Wait until April 28th, I really can't help but go out for a wave!