The most effective glass cleaning method is here
Release Time:2019-08-01 15:10:45

The cleaning of the glass is a very troublesome part. If it is slightly dirty, it will affect the appearance, so the cleaning frequency of the glass is also very high. In life, before cleaning the window, first determine whether you need a wet wipe, because there is a step of drying when there is a wet wipe action, such as the window on the indoor side is mostly light dust, you can use dry cleaning Just fine. The dust on the window track should be cleaned with a brush first.

Method 1 The squeegee quickly removes moisture

Hold the grip completely and keep it close to the glass.

The direction of the wiper should be treated from top to bottom.

The water on the blade is wiped off every time the water is scraped.

Method 2, warm water accelerates the dissolution of dirt

Many glass cleaners sold in the market contain ingredients from Armonia, which is a hazard to the environment and the human body. It is possible to use hot water to wipe the glass and use hot air to help remove the dirt. Soak it and use the warm water of the lemon to make the glass sparkle.

Method 3 Natural peel can also help clean

Use props: potato skin, potato skin with starch, can remove light oil, when the glass is not full of dirt, you can put the potato in the stockings, evenly spread on the glass, then wipe with a damp cloth and wipe dry. The rags made from stockings can sometimes bring you unexpected results.

Method 4: Softening the acidic residual glue with white vinegar

Residue on the window, most of the glue is acidic, you can use white vinegar to soften the glue, you can easily remove the residual glue.

The napkin that is torn into small pieces is moistened with white vinegar.

Apply to the residue and let stand for 15 to 30 minutes.

Then remove the residual glue.

Finally, wipe off the residue with a rag.